Weigh In Day - July 25th


2021 TCYFL PLAYER WEIGH IN /COACH BADGEs AT MARTINSBURG HIGH SCHOOL SMALL GYM                                                            


2:00 PM      SBYFL                   SOUTH BERKELEY

2:30 PM              JCYFL                   JEFFERSON COUNTY

3:00 PM              SCYFL                   STEPHENS CITY

3:30 PM              HYFA                     HEDGESVILLE

4:00 PM              BSYFL                   BERKELEY SPRINGS

4:30 PM              EPYFL                   MARTINSBURG


LEAGUES ARE RESPONSIBLE TO PROVIDE IN ADVANCE A PRINTED LIST OF ALL PLAYERS PER LEVEL TO BE USED AT EACH WEIGH IN LEVEL LOCATION. Players will enter the gym and go to their designated posted PW, FR, JV OR V weigh in level. Players will line up, step on the scale, state their name, get a posted weight then they are free to leave.  We will need each league to bring their scales. Remember, EVERY TCYFL player needs to have a weight posted. Any player not making weight can re-weigh at the August 8 weigh in. Times to be posted. It is the responsibility of each league to make sure all overweight players have their helmets marked.

Players that bring their helmets can get marked at the weigh in.

Players making the league level weights will get a 5 pound variance once the season starts if they are challenged in September. Any player not getting a confirmed weight and those not making the original league weights will not be allowed the variance if they wish to re weigh on the challenged weight date.

O’Roke Photography will be on site doing our TCYFL 2021 coach badges for $5.00 cash only. All coaches are encouraged to get their badges early. You will not be allowed free access into any field nor the sidelines without your coach badge.  This season color for the badge will be green. All other badges to gain entry that are not green will not be honored.  If your name is not on the designated badge list provided to o’roke you WILL NOT be given a badge.

Badge lists are due to your league commissioners on or before July 19.

Only these individuals qualify for badges:               

PW/FR/JV: 6 coaches per level and 1 head coach               

V: 6 coaches and 1 head coach               

Cheer coaches: 3 per level               

Team Moms: 1 per level                

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