History of the League

The Eastern Panhandle Youth Football League (EPYFL) was founded in 1956.  At that time there were four team franchises; the Rams, Browns, Colts and 49ers.  All games were played at Martinsburg High School .  The 'big teams' (12 & 13 year olds) would play against each other while the 'little teams' (10 & 11 year olds) would play an exhibition at halftime.  The league expanded in the 1980s allowing the 'little teams' to play their own games.  Within a few years the league expanded again allowing 8 & 9 year olds the opportunity to play. Youth football in the panhandle continued to gain popularity and in 1999 the EPYFL built its own football complex at the Poor House Farm Park.  The South Berkeley Titans and the Warm Springs Wolves were added to the league's franchises as the EPYFL continued its growth.  In 2009, the EPYFL elected to join in the Tri-County youth football league and compete with teams form South Berkeley, and Morgan County.  Most recently the EPYFL awarded a new franchise to the Patriots bringing the total of its teams to six.  The  49ers, Browns, Colts, Rams, Titans, and Patriots.  In 2013, each team will be fielding teams at all four levels: 6/7 (PeeWee), 8/9 (Freshmen), 10/11 (JV), and 12/13 (Varsity) .  The league has come a long way since 1956.  The EPYFL has been a success at producing student athletes for over half-century now and many families have been touched by the steady stream of adult volunteers over the last 50 years of youth football.  The EPYFL is glad to be a part of that memory.  We look forward to our continued growth and partnership with our community, "teaching kids the game while developing better student athletes."