Outstanding Uniforms

The EPYFL has held 2 uniform return days. After numerous phone calls from our leagues head coaches here is the list of all individuals, by team, who have not returned their EPYFL uniforms. If not returned by December 11, all deposit checks will be sent to the bank. Any discrepancies to this list can be referred back to your head coach. All uniforms can be returned to the Arndt-McBee Insurance Agency at 824 N. Queen St Martinsburg. Please put your player's name on the uniform returned. Thank you.

Panthers: Dillard, Brinklow, Chaparro, Reid, May, Strickland and Weaver

Bulldogs Black: Bagent, Bartley, and Price

Warriors: Allen, Chadwick, Hendricks, Jackson #41, Musgrove, Plotner, Scrivens, Miller, Tonsil and Watkins