Poor House Park Game Information

What to expect at Poor House Park on game day

Visiting teams will warm up on the grass by the pond. At game time they will come thru the main gate and enter the field thru the gate by the storage sheds.

Home teams will warm up in the grass outside the gates on the scoreboard end, They will enter the field thru the gate at that end.

Please do not park in the handicapped spaces without proper tags.

All fans will enter thru the main gate. Admission is $3 per adult and $2 per child. Exact change is greatly appreciated. You will need a hand stamp to leave and re-enter.

Water and Gatorade will be sold out of the ticket booth for quick sales to get you back to the game.

Please follow all the rules posted.

No dogs are allowed in the facility.

Smoking is permitted outside the facility 50 feet away from either side of the main gate.

No standing in front of the bleachers/fence behind the player benches. This whole area is reserved for our cheerleaders.

We appreciate all positive remarks and cheering. Our facility provides a safe haven for children to experience the game of football.