Online Registration Begins May 1st and Ends July 8th.

Online Registration is for RETURNING Football Players ONLY

NEW Football Players and ALL Cheerleaders can register at an in-person registration day.  Dates can be found on our Parents Page.

Registration fee is $75 plus a $7.75 processing fee when you register online.

Please read all instructions below on registering players online.

Returning Football Players can also register at one of the in person registration days.

All information and forms for New Player registration can be found on our Parents Page.

An email was sent to the email address we had on file for the players. If your email has changed or you didn't receive the email, please fill out the form request below.

RETURNING SIBLING REGISTRATION - Siblings last year were registered as separate accounts. If you do not see all your players in your account, add a player, then register them to the Division they played in last year. Make a Note on the Registration for the team they played on. Once registration is complete, we will put them on the correct team.

NEW SIBLING REGISTRATION - Add the New Sibling to your account, register them for the age division they will be in. Once Registration is completed and verified, we will assign the new sibling to the same team as returning siblings.

ISSUES REGISTERING - If you have any issues registering, you can fill out the support request below. We will get back to you to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

If you are a returning player and have login information, you can login here.